The Boys: Karen Fukuhara Reveals She Was Physically Assaulted By A Stranger


Karen Fukuhara from the series The Boys, has recently shared on her social networks a statement about the situation she has experienced on the streets, the star shared that a man had randomly “hit” her hard enough on the head to remove her hat, in a racial attack. Although the actress claimed to be fine, she explained what happened to her.

According to the star of The Boys, she was walking down the street to go for coffee and meet some friends at a local, until she was attacked by a man who hit her in the never. Something that according to her there was no reason, only the racial issue and the hatred against those of Asian race that are in the United States.

“Today a man hit me on the head (I’m physically fine) and this must stop. We women, Asians, the elderly need your help,” says Fukuhara.

“I was walking to a cafe for coffee and a man hit me on the back of the head. He came out of nowhere. We didn’t make eye contact before, he wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary.”

Fukuhara assured that she was going to chase the man and confront him, but that the man tried to hit her again and she decided to get away from her, while the stranger began to shout hundreds of racial insults at her because of her Asian descent. Although it is the first time that she has suffered a physical attack of this type, the star assured that the same thing has happened in the past, but with racial insults and hurtful actions.

“This is the first time I have been physically harmed, although racial slurs and hurtful actions have been directed at me in the past.”

Karen Fukuhara decided to share with all her followers on social networks what had just happened to her, to try to raise awareness among people who think differently or are of different races. Asking all her fans to support her in trying to spread what happened to her to try to avoid this kind of thing. Check out the post below.

For some time now, Fukuhara has been promoting the third season of The Boys, the popular satirical superhero series that airs on the Amazon Prime Video platform. After two acclaimed seasons, the series will return in June with new episodes.

In fact, a trailer for season 3 was recently released, providing the first glimpses of Fukuhara’s return as Kimiko, who has been a favorite of the show since her debut in 2019. All that remains is to wait for the release of season 3. by The Boys on June 3, 2022.