The Boys is the second most hacked series of 2020!


According to the specialized site Torrent Freak, “The Boys” would therefore be the second most pirated series of 2020 after “The Mandalorian”.

Despite the recent emergence of a multitude of streaming platforms, series piracy remains rife. The Boys thus appears as the 2nd most pirated series of 2020 after The Mandalorian.

What could be better, especially in this very special period, than to stay in bed in front of a good series? Nothing at all !

Between Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, or even OCS, there is plenty to do! The only drawback: you have to pay a subscription.

And for some, it does not seem really possible… Piracy then appears as the best option.

Eh yes ! This practice, although illegal, remains common on the Internet. Internet users use it without moderation.

The Boys thus climbed to the 2nd place of the most pirated series of 2020. Yes, you did hear!


According to the specialized site Torrent Freak, The Boys therefore appears as the 2nd most pirated series of the year 2020. It must be said that it is a huge success!

In 3rd position, we find season 3 of Westworld, followed closely by the last season of Vikings. Not very surprising.

Star Trek: Picard, Rick and Morty, The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash and The Outsider then complete this TOP.

But who do we find at the head of the latter? You will have probably understood it, so this is Season 2 of the huge hit series The Mandalorian available on Disney +.

The series from the Star Wars universe is thus ahead of The Boys and all the others. What do you think of this ranking?


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