The Boys: Homelander Released a Dramatic Statement about Starlight


Warning! This article contains spoilers for the third season of “Boys”.

A relative of Vought International made a dramatic statement regarding Starlight after her actions in the Boys episode “Gerogasm”. Erin Moriarty plays Annie January/Starlight in the Prime Video series The Boys, based on a comic strip by Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson. The popular series, already in its third season, also stars Anthony Starr as Homelander, Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Huey and many regular actors who enliven the dark and obscene world of The Supes.

In the Boys’ Season 3 episode 6 episode “Gerogasm”, Butcher and Huey teamed up with Jensen Ackles’ Boy Soldier to help him find and kill his old teammates. In return, they want Soldier Boy to kill Homelander, as he may be the only one strong enough to do it. Starlight struggles to outsmart Homelander, who now controls Vought International, and is stuck between her duty as a superhero and protecting those she loves. All this collides at Herogasm, the annual event of The Supes, which ends with a bloody fight, as a result of which a large number of people die. As a result, Starlight decides to leave the “Seven”, announcing his resignation on social networks to millions of subscribers.

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The Boys episode “Gerogasm” ends after Starlight’s message is sent to her followers, leaving everything on cliffhanger. Vought International has released a statement (largely in the voice of Homelander) regarding the situation. In the post, Vout first of all assures the “shareholders” that they are in control of the situation, canceling Starlight’s invitation to become co-captain of the “Seven” and accusing her actions of “insane jealousy” after “Homelander broke off their relationship.” Read Vought International’s “statement” below:

Homelander and Vought’s statement regarding the recent Starlight broadcast on Instagram.

— Vought International (@VoughtIntl) June 29, 2022

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While the claims of Starlight’s “insane jealousy” are certainly not true, this post is a fun way to fill in the gap between episodes of The Boys. The show has made extensive use of social media as a meta tool to promote itself, often going on Twitter with lots of memes and parodies in the universe. Starlight and Homelander announced that they had recently been dating, which was a PR stunt organized to capitalize on her popularity with the public. Since Homelander ousted Stan Edgar, the previous CEO of Vought, the burden of running The Seven now falls on him and Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifi), neither of whom is by any means acting with a strong moral compass. It is unclear how Starlight will behave in the last few remaining episodes of the 3rd season of “Boys”, but everything is approaching the finale.

The third season of “Boys” continues to be an exciting show of alternative content about superheroes. It is based on a more mature approach to the genre bordering on satire, like the original comic, while fully using meta aspects for its promotion (for example, social networks). The Boys also managed to highlight some stunning performances by their actors, going far beyond the obscene and dirty romp. Starr especially continues to shine as a Homelander villain, and Moriarty also turns out to be a talent to contend with. Given their stellar performances so far, it’s likely to be an impressive and dramatic scene when The Boys see the fallout from Vought International Starlight’s latest statement.