The Boys: Heroes’ Signs Are Discussed In The Series’ New Promo


The Boys: Amazon Prime Video recently released a new promotional video for Season 3 of The Boys. Apparently, the new episodes of the series will only be able to be watched in 2022, however, the streaming has already been feeding viewers’ anxiety with curious questions about the characters.

In the new video, a group discusses which zodiac signs best fit the heroes of Vought International. All participants believe, for example, that Homelander (Antony Starr) is a born Cancerian.

Watch the full video below:

“I think it really embodies all the negative issues of the cancer sign,” explained Lisa, one of the hosts of the astral program shared by the platform. “Despite being in the position of leader, he still seeks the approval of others,” she added.

Also according to Lisa, since Homelander represents the United States in its conception and the country’s independence anniversary occurred on July 4th – the period corresponding to the sign of cancer -, it is only fair that his birthday happened on the same date.


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