The boys’ hero-enthusiasm has surpassed the hype (but not for the reasons you think)


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of the 6th season of the 3rd season of “Boys”.

The party “Gerogasm” in the third season of “Boys” was actually quite modest, given the hype, but avoided disappointment for completely unexpected reasons. When The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke announced that the Amazon series with live actors would screen the infamous Garth Ennis, John McCree and Derick Robertson comic “Gerogasm”, the audience gasped. The infamous noisy super party has always seemed too wild for television, but The Boys advertising machine has not been shy about turning Herogasm into an unforgettable unpleasant viewing experience. From custom emojis on Twitter to the scary stories of Erin Moriarty (Starlight) and Jensen Ackles (Soldier) on set, the Boys gave “Gerogasm” a lot to match.

Gerogasm is not something worth watching in the presence of grandparents, that’s for sure. Even the strongest stomach will try its best not to flinch from the milk shower MM or “application camera” TNT. And it goes without saying that The Boys’ “Gerogasm” gives Game of Thrones an advantage in terms of the number of breasts per minute. However, compared to the corporate escape from the original The Boys comics, “Gerogasm” season 3 is a glorified house party. It’s full of dirt, but there’s nothing more inventive or shocking than a penis explosion in the season premiere of “Termite.” Even the slippery tentacle of Love Sausage is a joke that we have already seen. The “gerogasm” of the 3rd season of “Boys” is by no means a disappointment, but it also does not reach the heights of a comic party and is not an absolute insult to humanity implied by the hype.

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What Herogasm lacks in outright obscenity and shock, I can’t believe Amazon agreed to this, the episode more than makes up for with seismic character moments, huge plot twists and movie-worthy superhero action. No, we didn’t expect to write this either. Gerogasm becomes the center in which every important plot point in the third season of “Boys” suddenly boils. The delightfully intense and surprisingly emotional confrontation between Huey and A-Train pays off with Robin’s death in the very first scene of “The Boys.” Seething romantic issues between Starlight and Huey flare up, and both sides reveal their guts in a cathartic stripped-down quarrel that penetrates right into the heart of their relationship. Then the main event. Soldier Boy fights head-to-head with Homelander in a short but brutal battle that far surpasses any superhero battle in The Boys so far. The stakes rise even higher when Billy Butcher, having succumbed to Compound-V, finally gets his hands on Homelander after years of lust for revenge. Despite two and a half seasons of waiting, their clash does not disappoint.

After-party Herogasm is almost as massive as the sex party itself, but, again, not for the reasons that one would expect. While the Boy Soldier leaves a trail of corpses behind him, Starlight makes an unprecedented decision to tell everything publicly. Vought, Homelander, Soldier Boy – every single bean is revealed in a landscape-changing revelation that the Boys have been working steadily on since the first episode. all this was not enough, A-Train kills a guy by dragging him along the road at super speed.

Given all the hype (and, of course, the comics), anyone would be forgiven if you walked into the “Boys” season 3 episode “Gerogasm” while waiting for 50 minutes of the wildest television ever filmed. While it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted, the live-action Gerogasm isn’t that shocking. None of the antics of the 6th episode can compare with the close-up of the premiere of the giant head of a man’s penis. Instead, The Boys’ “Gerogasm” is a Red Wedding — a central event that connects several main plot threads at once and completely determines the next chapter of the show. The boys will never be the same after the Heroism — not because of debauchery and naked bodies, but because so many long-awaited showdowns, with bated breath, collide in a 30-minute interval. A damn climax… just not what everyone expected.

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