The boys have already explained how Butcher & Huey can keep their strength


Attention! Contains SPOILERS for the 7th episode of season 3 of the TV series “Boys”!

Billy Butcher and Huey Campbell’s temporary abilities are becoming increasingly dangerous, but the Boys have already explained how they can keep them forever. After not being given superpowers in the first two seasons, the Garth Ennis real-time comic book adaptation from Prime Video finally included them in season 3. This happened after it was revealed that Vout had invented Temp-V, which can give anyone superpowers. 24 hours. Billy and Huey have grown to love their powers more and more, but now they pose a great threat to them.

Since Temp-V is still an experimental drug of Vought, the all-powerful company Supe has not yet eliminated all the shortcomings. Butcher and Huey knew that their use could be dangerous, but in the 7th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys” it turned out that they could be deadly. Starlight discovered Vaught’s research on Temp-V and learned that the superpowered drug proved fatal between someone’s third and fifth doses. This creates the possibility of Butcher and Huey’s death, as they have both taken the drug at least three times. The episode even ends with Billy and Huey intending to get more, despite Starlight’s warning to the Butcher.

Revealing that Temp-V is lethal after three to five doses means that either Butcher and Huey will give up their abilities in the near future, or that they are ready to die while remaining strong. Although it may seem that their death is not far off, the Boys have already told how they can maintain their strength on a permanent basis. One of the plots of the second season of “Boys” was that Wout was experimenting with a way to give adults a V Compound without killing them. These tests resulted in a lot of casualties, but it was also confirmed that Vaught cracked the code to give the adults powers— as seen in Cindy in the second season. V to the usual connection V.

Although “Boys” has not addressed Cindy’s status since it was revealed in the second season that she was alive, the series continued to be based on tests that were conducted at the Sage Grove Center. The return of the Love Sausage in season 3 indicates that it is also a success story of Vaught’s trials of endowing adults with permanent abilities. Season 3, episode 7 of “Boys” even spent a lot of time getting Kimiko to regain her powers in a similar way. She injected herself with Compound V again to restore her healing abilities. Although it could only work on her because she had previously had the drug Wout in her blood, Kimiko’s powers, returned in full, could inspire Butcher and Huey to go all the way.

With this option on the table, the real question is whether the Boys want to make Butcher and Huey’s powers permanent. This will not only be a departure from the comics, but will completely change the power dynamics of the show in the run-up to season 4. Butcher’s transformation into an even more Homelander-like character will continue, while Huey’s powers may then separate him and Starlight. However, she may also have to purchase a V Connection for them. Either way, the Boys have a way to let Butcher and Huey keep their strength despite the dangers of Temp-V.