The boys give the biggest hint of the dark end of the comic


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of season 3, episode 5 of “Boys”.

Amazon’s The Boys have rejected the most convincing sign that a dark ending from the original Garth Ennis comics will happen. Whether it’s the Dynamite comic or Eric Kripke’s live-action series, “Boys” is based on the relatively simple premise of one man seeking revenge on the world’s greatest superhero. In the last volumes of the source material, Billy Butcher finally achieves this goal, but he refuses to stop at revenge for Becca. In a grim twist, the latest issues of The Boys follow The Butcher as he embarks on a crusade to indiscriminately destroy all soups – friends or foes; evil or not.

Karl Urban’s Live Butcher has shown the same disregard for soups as his comic counterpart since “Boys” began in 2019, but Amazon’s adaptation seems to be veering away from outright genocide. Butcher first turned to Kimiko before he and Starlight became close due to a shared love for Huey in the second season of “Boys,” which made the unlikely couple much closer than ever in the comics. Most importantly, the TV show The Boys introduced Ryan Butcher, Becky’s eldest son. From Connect 4 to LEGO videos, Billy Butcher has become a definite father figure in season 3 of The Boys. Thus, despite his inner rage towards the supers, these moments undoubtedly prove that the final moment of the comic switch-breaker of the Butcher Compound-V cannot happen. . Right?

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In the fifth episode of the third season of “Boys” (“One last look at this world of lies”), Billy Butcher meets with Queen Maeve — another superhero he trusts — to sum up the mission in Moscow. They get drunk, and the alcoholic fog momentarily reduces the vigilance of the Butcher. With complete and utter sincerity, he tells Maeve: “And it’s not just a Homelander, it’s fucking time for you all.” The third season of “Boys” actually reveals the Butcher’s endgame. Despite the fact that he made super friends, realized that not all the heroes of Vaught are bad, and bought gifts for his super son, the Butcher is absolutely not going to stop at Home. The final season of The Boys will now almost certainly repeat the last volume of the comics, where the Butcher begins a solo crusade to kill anything and everything that has even sniffed a bottle of Compound-V.

In a sense, the Butcher’s plan makes him a walking contradiction. He will gladly accept Kimiko’s help, he knows that people like Starlight are mentally healthy, he will behave like Ryan’s parent and even face freaks with Queen Maeve on the nearest table. However, when all is said and done, the Butcher still plans to kill every last one of them, firmly believing that every subject of Compound-V sooner or later poses a danger to society. On the other hand, the Butcher just keeps going down the same road he took when Becca disappeared. The other Boys probably assume that their leader has softened over time, and will be satisfied when he finally spanks the Homelander. The third season of “Boys” proves that they were wrong. A closer relationship with soups in no way deviates from Billy Butcher’s original goal.

Amazon’s The Boys has already prepared its landscape for an authentic comic book ending. Huey loves Starlight, Frenchy loves Kimiko, and MM serves as the group’s moral compass. If the Butcher has created a weapon to target anyone exposed to Compound-V, they all have good reasons to resist it–just like in the Garth Ennis ending.

Alas, a possible stumbling block is Jonah Fogelbaum. Comic Butcher forces the inventor of Compound-V to create chemical weapons against soups, but season 2 of The Boys killed Fogelbaum in the most decisive way (head explosion on the screen). Fortunately, a workaround has already been provided. While Fogelbaum invented Compound-V and has survived to the present day thanks to his own creation in comics, the live-action character is simply a leading Vought scientist. Maybe the Butcher on the air discovers Frederick Wout, secretly alive, and the former Nazi assumes the original role of Vogelbaum. No matter what the Butcher does, no soup will be safe when the Boys eventually run out.

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