The Boys Fixed Stilwell’s Serious Mistake in the second season


Attention! Ahead of the spoilers of the 6th season of the 3rd season of “Boys”.

“The Boys” failed to fill the gap in Madeleine Stillwell’s form in season two, but Ashley from Colby Minifee finally took the stage in season three. Madeleine Stillwell, played by Elizabeth Shue, played the lead role in the debut season of the Amazon series “Boys”. Along with Stan Edgar Giancarlo Esposito, the mysterious boss in the shadows, Stillwell actually served as the face of Vought. Discussing soups, making demands, and putting out PR fires, Shu put on an exciting performance of the season as a corporate executive fighting superheroes significantly more powerful (but significantly more stupid) than her.

Unfortunately, Madeleine Stillwell didn’t escape from the first season of “Boys” alive. The homelander discovered that she was keeping a huge secret (the existence of his son, Ryan Butcher), and brutally killed his handler by running thermal vision right through her eye sockets. With Stillwell’s departure, Ashley actually replaced her in the second season of “Boys,” but where Elizabeth Shue’s character brought a specific personality, her own secret plans and an impressive ability to hold power over the powerful, Ashley from Colby Minifi was nothing more than a yes-woman. Soup and non-soup surrounded her in circles in Vought, and limited screen time meant that Ashley never made the same unmistakable imprint on Boys as Madeleine Stillwell in the previous season.

Kimiko and MM make good arguments, but Ashley is arguably the Boys’ most improved character in Season 3. The madwoman of the past seasons is gone, replaced by a neurotic and dominant sycophant who takes out her frustration on every employee except a relative whom she worships without self-esteem and shame. The way Ashley accepts the Homelander’s verbal reprimand in Season 3, episode 5 of the TV series “Boys” (“Did your brain get fucked by a fool?”) and then repeats exactly the same quote to dominate Cameron Coleman, not just funny, it highlights the power of lust that viewers didn’t see in season 2. The boardroom scene in which Ashley kicks poor Maureen out for asking a perfectly reasonable question is comedy gold, and the pride Ashley feels after saying “fuck you” to A-Train shows the show how the quirky quiet The Boys finally turned into even more a strange trap for Venus flies. Watching Ashley dominate everyone who doesn’t wear the US flag instead of a cape is much more interesting than seeing her constantly shrink into a ball of stress and panic.

Colby Minifi always had something to offer “Boys”, and the actress finally had the opportunity to play with Ashley’s unusual quirkiness in the 3rd season of “Boys”. Whether she’s waving a patriotic phallus, pulling out strands of hair or riding directors in the bathroom. The stalls, Ashley’s scenes are now colorful, comedic and rude. While the Vought executive spent season 2 hiding in the background apologizing, now she’s endlessly entertaining… because no one can predict exactly what Ashley will do next.

Madeleine Stillwell, who is neither a superhero nor a member of the Boys, needed to make a strong impression in the first season. Her character was a turning bridge between Wout and the real world, and the presence of Elizabeth Shue was sorely missed in the second season. The Boys finally elevates Ashley to the level of her predecessor in season 3. These two characters may not look like each other at all – Stillwell was cunning and professional; Ashley is chaotic and clearly out of her depth, but Colby Minifi finally allows you to fill the gap left by the death of Madeleine Stillwell. The second season of “Boys” desperately needed a non-soup Wout figure to keep the characters in check. It may have taken her a while to get there, but now Ashley is finally living up to her predecessor.

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