The Boys: creator showing Love Sausage a Christmas gift


Eric Kripke, creator and showrunner of The Boys, shared this week a Christmas present based on the character Love Sausage, or Sausage of Love. The photo was posted on her official Twitter account and shows a scarf that was knitted to look like Love Sausage’s penis.

The scene was one of the most curious and peculiar of the 2nd season of the Amazon Prime Video series.

See the photo below:

The Boys’ creator receives a gift based on the series

Also according to the publication, the gift was given by Laz Alonso, Mother’s Milk (Leitinho). Apparently, he would like to take revenge on Kripke for having to record a scene by being hanged by a giant penis. Without a doubt, the joke was revenge enough!

In the episode of Season 2, the heroes enter a mental hospital. There, they discover that patients received Compound V injections. In one of the fight scenes, Mother’s Milk is captured by Love Sausage’s genitals, almost being hanged in a way that would be too shameful to die.

The Boys series is available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform and is inspired by the comic books of the same name. In the plot, a group of humans of dubious morals come together to fight crime and defeat some of the greatest villains in the comic book universe.

The 2nd season debuted in 2020 and, so far, the new season has no release date yet. However, you can rest assured that the producer has already confirmed the 3rd season!

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