The Boys creator says Marvel films are dangerous


Each year, new superhero films arrive at the cinema, raising millions of dollars around the world and entertaining the public. Currently, this domination is mostly in the hands of Marvel, home of Iron Man and Captain America, who even created the MCU, that is, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose works connect and different superheroes interact.

However, does this massification only help to entertain the public? Erik Kripke, creator of The Boys, one of Amazon Prime Video’s biggest hits, disagrees. For him, superhero films have an important social aspect that can influence even the elections of dictator and extremist leaders.

Better understand the thinking of the creator of The Boys

According to Kripke’s speech, superhero films convey the idea that, at any moment, a savior will come and free everyone from their problems. With this, many people believe in anyone who appears saying they have the “solution” for everything and that they can save the world, even if they have prejudiced and extremist ideals.

As Erik Kripke himself mentions, the case for the popularity of Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, may have something to do with this kind of hope in a savior.

The Boys aims to deconstruct exactly this type of idea, as it shows that the superheroes themselves have a horrible side and the figure of the savior is something that is simply out of reality. And many Marvel films, on the other hand, according to the showrunner, convey the opposite, more idealistic idea.

The series is a streaming success and has two seasons well evaluated by both the specialized critic and the general public. You can watch The Boys’ two seasons on Amazon Prime Video and Marvel’s works on Disney +, which will arrive in Brazil in November.

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