The Boys: Compare Soldier Boy’s Uniform in Series and Comic Books


The Boys: Season 3 of The Boys will feature the arrival of a new character, Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles. This Monday (7), the official Instagram of the series shared how the hero’s uniform will be. With shades of dark green, the show’s costume is a little different from the one presented in the comics.

Differences between TV and comic strip uniforms

Since the announcement that Jensen Ackles would be the Soldier Boy on the Amazon Prime Video series, details about the character have been kept a secret. Some cast comments and Ackles’ huge beard behind the scenes suggest that the hero will not be a faithful representation of the comics.

In the comics, there are two versions of Soldier Boy: the original, which fought in World War II, and another one from today.

The hero of the present has the dream of being part of The Seven and even provides sexual favors to Captain Patria in the illusion that he will win a place in the group. His uniform features the colors of the US flag, short shorts and a mask to cover his face.

Jensen Ackles’ uniform is actually inspired by the original version of Soldier Boy. In the comic book, the hero wears a dark green jumpsuit with an eagle practically all over his chest and a Captain America mask. For TV, the outfit has been modernized to better align with the aesthetics already presented by Vought, especially on the top.

The release of Soldier Boy’s uniform revealed some details about the character in the series. The most important of them is that the hero featured on TV will be the original version of the comic, which fought in World War II. Also, the old-fashioned handle of the knife may indicate that the costume comes straight from the battlefields of yesteryear.

Season 3 of The Boys is due to hit Amazon Prime Video in late 2021.