The Boys College spin-off show will be released in 2023


An additional series to Amazon’s hugely successful superhero series The Boys is due out next year. Currently untitled, the spin-off show will focus on a superhero college campus with a range of new and presumably younger characters. Developed by showrunners Michelle Fazekas and Tara Butters, the plot of the new series has been described as a mix of student drama and The Hunger Games.

First announced in 2020, The Boys creator Erk Kripke suggested that the spin-off would focus on the G-Men, another satirical superhero group that serves as a parody of the X-Men. Due to production delays and the unfortunate departure of actors including Amy Carrero, Shane Paul McGee and Rayna Hardesty, the filming of the spin-off-offs officially began earlier this year after receiving the green light from Amazon. Chance Perdomo and London Thor were subsequently cast to replace McGee and Hardesty, respectively, joined by film partners Jazz Sinclair, Maddy Phillips, Derek Luh, Asa Hermann, Shelly Conn, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sean Patrick Thomas and Marco Pigossi.

Now, during an interview with Variety, Amazon’s head of global television teased when fans can expect the studio’s spin-off to The Boys. After the news about the renewal of the original show, Vernon Sanders was asked when viewers would be able to see season 4 of his favorite series. Admitting he wasn’t sure, Sanders instead assured fans that the college spin-off would debut “sometime next year,” adding that it would be “really cool and enjoyable.” Check out his full comments below:

“I can’t even tell you exactly when season 4 will be released, but I’m excited that we will have our new show, our additional series, which will be released next year. And I think it will be very, very cool and pleasant. And what we’ve seen so far on this is just fantastic. So I can’t wait.”

Although the new show is still surrounded by a lot of secrets, the continued popularity of The Boys, combined with the incredibly warm reception received by the animated series Diabolical, gives reason to believe that the wait is worth it. Since season 3 of “Boys,” which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, has received similarly high critical acclaim, fans’ expectation of a college-based spin-off is likely to only increase toward the climax of the season finale in July. Now that the release date is set for 2023, viewers may find themselves even more interested in the spin-off if it premieres between the 4th season of “Boys.”

While The Boys’ fan base is certainly hungry for more information, many are probably happy to note that production of the spin-off seems to be going smoothly after months of glitches that at times seemed like they could completely derail the series. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the main interest is still arousing great interest in the main series, by the time the spin-off is released, a large number of viewers are almost guaranteed, although its critical reception may not be so guaranteed. With Kripke promising a major divergence in terms of tone, Amazon hopes its new series will retain the satirical magic that made “Boys” such a huge hit in 2019, and also established itself as a stand-alone success in its own right. As the excitement surrounding The Boys universe grows along with viewers’ expectations, the spin-off can only hope it lives up to the shadow cast by its big brother.