The Boys: 5 things to remember before season 2


It’s been a while (since July 26 last year) that we haven’t seen our favorite superheroes (?). But, to the general joy of the crowd, Amazon Prime Video will release, next Friday (4), the first three episodes of Season 2 of The Boys.

The plot, for those who have not seen (or seen and forgotten), follows a normal guy named Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), who witnesses his girlfriend being vaporized by the Bullet Train (Jesie T. Usher), one of the famous Seven, “generic” Justice League heroes who work for the Vought corporation. From there, he joins a group that aims to stop the heroes’ unbridled actions.

To kill the nostalgia and get into the mood of the new season, we made a list with five epic moments from the 1st season with some reminders and details that can be useful before watching “The Big Ride”, the first episode of the 2nd season of The Boys .

Let’s remember?

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Last Bullet Train ride?

At the very end of season 1, Luz-Estrela (Erin Moriarty), the only honest participant in the Seven, is helping Hughie and the boys escape from the authorities, when Bullet Train (Jessie T. Usher) comes ready to detonate everyone for revenge .

He blames Hughie for the death of his beloved Popclaw, although he himself injected her with a deadly dose of a drug.

However, as Trem-Bala has his body totally overwhelmed by the drugs he uses to improve his performance, it seems that his heart cannot stand the intensity of the hatred he feels, and the fast “super” passes out, suffering an apparent stop cardiac.

Was it your last trip?

Captain Homeland Kills Madelyn Stillwell

Furious at being tricked by Vought International’s director Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue), the glorious Captain Motherland (Antony Starr) simply fries the girl’s brain with his vision of warmth.

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It was not clear whether Madelyn’s baby died, too, after Bruto (Karl Urban) blew up the place. Another question that should be answered only in season 2 is how the Seven will organize without Madelyn’s leadership, although the head of the organization, mr. Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito), have some revolutionary ideas.

Becca is alive

One of Madelyn’s lies that made Captain Homeland angrier was the truth about Billy’s wife Becca (Shantal VanSanten), who both believed to have died and therefore became mortal enemies.

In fact, while Billy and the “super” killed each other, Becca was alive the whole time, living in a suburb with her son, allegedly the result of a rape committed by Captain Homeland. This revelation will have a major impact on the fate of the characters in Season 2 of The Boys.

Deep depression

After being transferred to Sandusky for his inappropriate behavior, Profundo (Chace Crawford) cannot stand the monotonous life he is leading away from the sea and goes into depression. After trying to get sexual favors from Starlight, Aquaman’s stunt double definitely ends up in exile.

When he receives the news of the expulsion, Profundo puts a razor to his head, leaving a cloud of doubts about his fate in the series.

Starlight discovers the secret of the Supers

Some characters ended up discovering the existence of Compound V, a substance that helped create the superpowers of the Seven. Divided between the group to which he officially belongs and loyalty to the boys, Luz-Estrela now knows the truth about the source of his power. What will your reaction be?


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