The Boys: 5 New Characters That May Appear in Season 3


The Boys: Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys series is inspired by the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Coming to season 3 successfully on the platform, the show has already used many characters from the original comic books. One would imagine, therefore, that other characters might come from the comics to the screen in season three.

The series borrows the general premise of the original material, with several stories and most of the main characters – but not copying and, yes, using the story as a starting point. Eric Kripke, the showrunner of the series – the same creator of Supernatural – extends the story and characters in new directions, deepening the characters and introducing completely new narrative sequences.

In season three, Hughie is working for secret politics Victoria Neuman, as the main characters go their separate ways after Queen Maeve helped topple Homelander.

Porn arc Herogasm is set to appear in the new year, Jensen Ackles will make his debut as Soldier Boy and Katia Winter joins the cast as Little Nina.

What other comic book characters can fans find when The Boys returns? We made a list with 5 characters from The Boys that can migrate from the comics to the series!

5. The Legend

Inspired by Stan Lee, the veteran has written comic books for Vought’s superheroes, but now works in a store full of old issues and overpriced merchandise. The Legend knows everything there is to know about supes, including their weaknesses and hidden skeletons. He is the one who provides this information directly to Billy Butcher.

The Legend could reveal the truth about Soldier Boy’s alleged heroic acts in World War II. The character would be a useful ally and its introduction would make more sense now that Karl Urban is a legitimate CIA-funded superhunter.

4. Tek Knight

The character is a hilarious hybrid of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. Addicted to sex, he has little regard for his own safety or that of his targets. In the comics, his story ends when he becomes sexually involved with a giant meteor. A live-action adaptation of Tek Knight would be interesting and its existence has already been confirmed in the show’s universe.

Like Soldier Boy, Tek Knight is a member of Payback – a group Eric Kripke promised to explore in season three. If he comes, he must bring along his young companion Swingwing – parody of Robin from Batman.

3. Blarney Cock

Member of the superhero group Teenage Kix, Blarney Cock faces Hughie in the comics. The Boys‘ entire battle against the group was cut from season one, with the role of Blarney Cock given to Translucent. But the character goes beyond giving Hughie a horrible initiation.

Blarney Cock is Queen Maeve’s son with The Legend. It would be interesting to see the Queen of Seven with a secret teenage son. In season two, Maeve rebelled against Homelander to protect Ryan from his father. Homelander is likely to seek revenge in season three – which could involve Maeve’s own son.

2. Mister Marathon

The character has also been mentioned in The Boys. There is no confirmation that Mister Marathon is alive in the current timeline, but after Lamplighter’s successful appearance in season two, more alumni may appear.

A-Train has successfully negotiated its way back to the Seven, but remains on the path to self-destruction. A meeting with retired Mister Marathon can wake you up and remind you that life can be more than being quick and rich.

1. Jessica Bradley

In the comics, Jessica Bradley is one of Vought’s few good-natured employees. She turns a blind eye to the misdeeds of superheroes and makes noise when innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire of a rescue. She fails, but her train of thought is important and can contribute to the storyline.

Victoria Neuman, who could play that role, has other priorities. Placing Jessica Bradley as a morally upstanding Vought employee would add a new perspective to the corporation.

After Vought’s Stormfront disaster, Edgar could hire Jess to mend the company’s reputation as a public relations stunt to appease investors. Jessica Bradley could quickly become an ally of Starlight.

Stay tuned to Minha Série to find out what’s new about The Boys characters and be sure to check out Season 3, which should be released in 2021 by Amazon Prime Video.


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