The Boys: 3rd season starts recording; see images


The fan wait is finally over! The recording of the 3rd season of The Boys started on Tuesday (16). With the return to the studios, some behind-the-scenes images are already circulating on social media.

By the end of January, Antony Starr had already speculated that the recordings should start in February. A few weeks later, showrunner Eric Kripke used Twitter to officially disclose that the series would begin recording on February 16.

First images of the recordings

Still, the first images started to come out only on Wednesday (24). The first photo was released by Kripke himself. The showrunner of the series placed on his official Twitter account the image of a statue of Homelander, a character played by Antony Starr.

In addition to the showrunner for the series, some actors also share images to celebrate the start of filming for Season 3 of The Boys. Karl Urban posted a photo dressed as Billy Butcher with the famous “hullo hullo” of the character in the caption!

Another who shared an image of the beginning of the recordings was the actress Erin Moriarty, who published a photo with Jack Quaid. The two play, respectively, the couple Annie January, or Starlight, and Hughie Campbell. In the caption, the actress celebrated her return by writing: “back to our bullshit!”

Recordings during the pandemic

The recordings during the covid-19 pandemic were a major concern for the people involved in the production of the series. To try to avoid the new coronavirus as much as possible, actor Karl Urban confirmed a very serious testing scheme. According to Urban, there are countless tests per week, protective equipment, controlled areas and a lot of social distance.

A date for the premiere of The Boys’ 3rd season has yet to be released.


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