The Boys: 3 catchy comic book stories


The Boys is a very dark and gory series, but the comics outperform their live-action counterparts and fans wonder if their worst plots will ever make it to the screen.

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys may be harsh, grotesque and garish, but their vulgar depravity barely scratches the surface of the wicked comic’s source material. The show’s superheroes are twisted, controlled by a government-influenced corporation, and most are more amoral than conceivable.

Blood splatters across the screen in almost every episode. Various character swaps are downright ruthless and inhumane (and often predatory). However, despite all that, the series cannot 100% replicate the comics. It would be too much for television, too much for the genre, even for an adult audience.

So what has the series left out of the comics? What did the showrunners decide to eliminate on The Boys, presumably in service to the hearts and souls of the viewers?

The plane crash and deterioration of Queen Maeve

Although season 1 of The Boys shows Queen Maeve and Homelander attempting to save a plane that is traveling to its doom, some of the facts were altered. In the comics, it is about one of the planes hijacked on September 11

Instead of crashing into the World Trade Center, the plane crashes into the Brooklyn Bridge, IGN notes. After this incident, Maeve becomes an unstable alcoholic, who has joined the series, but still not to the same extent.

Story behind Marvin T. Milk’s nickname

In Amazon’s The Boys, Billy Butcher and his team hunt superheroes like mere mortals; in the comics, however, everyone injects Compound V to compete with the unbeatable. However, Marvin T. Milk, affectionately called Mother’s Milk, was born with Compound V in his system.

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Milk’s mother worked in a factory in Vought, where she became dependent on the substance. As a result, Mother’s Milk becomes addicted and must breastfeed well into adulthood. The character, as actor Laz Alonso points out, is based on the “drug addicted babies” of the 1980s, who were born drug addicts.

The writers behind Marvin T. Milk took a different direction, and thus his nickname will likely remain a mystery on the Amazon series.

Butcher murdered his superhero son in comics

In Amazon’s The Boys, Homelander’s son, whose mother is Billy Butcher’s greatest love, Becca, is alive and well. The boy possesses superhuman abilities, in line with Homelander’s, but his mother doesn’t raise him to use his abilities to control others, and doesn’t even use them at all until his biological father, Homelander arrives.

While the series leads viewers to believe that Becca died in childbirth, viewers later discover that she is alive and in hiding at the end of the first season. In the comics, she does die in childbirth and Billy Butcher murders her son, as her outright hatred of superheroes supersedes any kind of human decency.

Would you have liked to see these plots on Amazon’s “The Boys”? Tell us in the comments other stories from the comic that you would like to see in the series.


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