The Boys 2×5: Preview Homelander


The 2nd season of The Boys, an original series from Amazon Prime Video, premiered recently and has already attracted a lot of public attention. Now, the preview of The Boys 2×5 has been released, this week’s episode that shows that the chaotic events of the past episode will only intensify in the coming weeks.

The Boys’ 2nd season is being released weekly on the streaming platform. The new episode will be available on September 18th, Friday, but you can check out the released trailer and see what’s next.

More details of the 2×5 episode of The Boys

In the preview released, you can see that Billy Butcher is having more and more problems in his search, since Black Noir appears to face him. The confrontation is approaching and we see a great clash about to unfold in The Boys season 2.

In addition, we also see Homelander in yet another case of rabies. When accused by several protesters of having started a war, he revolts and distills his powers in those who oppose him. All of which only serves to further prove the point that Homelander is continually getting more out of control.


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