The Boys 2×4: Preview Stormfront and Homelander


The 2nd season of The Boys recently arrived on Amazon Prime Video for the happiness of fans and has managed to meet the high standard seen previously in the series.

Now, the preview of The Boys 2×4 has been released, an episode that will be available on the streaming platform on September 11, and shows the confrontation to be unleashed between Tempesta (or Stormfront) and Captain Homeland (Homelander), whose authority is challenged in public network for everyone to see.

More details of The Boys 2×4

In addition to the conflict between the two great characters, we quickly see that Billy Butcher finally finds a clue about Becca and his whereabouts, although it is noticeable that the reunion will not be easy, since the girl is armed from head to toe.

Right at the beginning of The Boys 2×4 preview, it is shown that A-Train is removed from the group by Homelander, although it is noticeable that this decision does not please him at all. Will another conflict involving Captain Homeland be developed?

It is worth remembering that the first three episodes of The Boys 2nd season were released simultaneously. Now, the new episodes will be available weekly, every Friday, directly on Amazon Prime Video.


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