The boy soldier gets the main role of Captain America in the Marvel cinematic universe, parallel to “Boys”


Attention! There are spoilers ahead for the third season of “Boys.”

Season 3 of “Boys” traces a massive narrative connection between the Boy Soldier and Captain America MCU. From Superman to the Scarlet Witch, no comic book character is immune from parody in “Boys,” and ridiculing Marvel’s over-patriotic propaganda machine provided too good an opportunity to resist. Soldier Boy is a ruthless replica of Captain America. Both were super soldiers created to fight the Nazis during World War II, and both became military legends in their respective worlds. In addition to the eerily similar costumes and weapon shields, The Soldier Boy comic by The Boys is painfully naive and completely over the top with its patriotic gimmick.

Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy takes a slightly different approach. Having first established himself on the battlefields of World War II, the Boy Soldier became a Vought celebrity before returning to military action in Nicaragua in the 1980s. Despite his impeccable reputation in society, Soldier Boy was actually a cruel hedonist who considered himself above the rules-not quite on par with Homelander in terms of evil, but also not someone with whom Steve Rogers would share a root beer. Captured by the Russians during his return to service, the Boy Soldier spent almost 40 years locked up in a secret Kremlin laboratory, but in the 4th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys” Billy Butcher finally freed the patriotic prisoner Vout.

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In the final moments of the “Glorious Five-Year Plan”, the Boys accidentally released the Soldier, discovering that he was languishing in a metal cell. The former leader of the Reckoning then breaks through a nearby wall and disappears, before Episode 5 (“One Last Look at this World of Lies”) shows a Boy Soldier hiding on a plane back to Uncle Sam. Now in the United States, The Boys are abandoning a Soldier Boy in the middle of New York, deeply confused by his surroundings – a mural depicting an American superhero whom he does not recognize, unfamiliar technologies and fashion, a poster with some kind of crazy politician, open manifestations of homosexuality, etc. The whole scenario perfectly reflects Chris Evans’ Captain America in the MCU. Frozen in ice during World War II, Steve Rogers was saved by a shield and held in a room about 70 years later, but breaks out of the wall and hits the streets of New York in the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger”. Immediately overwhelmed by the bright light, technology and unfamiliar surroundings, Rogers realizes how long he has been absent from civilization.

The dates are slightly different, and The Arctic has been replaced by a Russian laboratory, but The Boys almost completely copy the MCU arch of Captain America. Both heroes disappeared in their prime and were considered dead, and then revived in our days. After the first awakening, Jensen Ackles’ Boy Soldier and Chris Evans’ Captain America punch through a nearby wall to escape, and both experience a confusing moment of shock awareness when they first stand on a modern New York street. Even the causes of their respective awakenings are closely related: Nick Fury defrosting Captain America to help the Avengers fight otherworldly threats, and the Soldier Boy is released because Billy Butcher needs someone who can handle the Homeland.

The Boys comic was aimed at Marvel comics about Captain America, so for a TV series with live actors, it makes sense to focus on the character of Chris Evans in the MCU, keeping the joke relevant to a modern audience and helping to consolidate the Soldier as a darker twin alive. action movie Steve Rogers. Speaking of darker, one element of the Soldier’s return couldn’t be more different from his Marvel counterpart. When Captain America finally reunited with Peggy Carter in the present day, he found an old woman at the end of her life. They enjoyed a peaceful, happy meeting before Rogers cheated time to marry Peggy in the past — a beautiful MCU love story. The boys choose a slight change of tone. A soldier boy finds the only true love, the Scarlet Countess, undresses in front of the camera for Seth Rogen and kills her, discovering that it was she who warned the Russian soldiers in Nicaragua – a beautiful love story of Boys.

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