The box office of the bullet train opens well, but the budget is far from $ 90 million


The premiere of Brad Pitt’s new action movie “Bullet Train” took place on August 5 and boasts high box office receipts, although the budget of $ 90 million is still far away. High–Speed Train is an action comedy starring such star actors as Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Logan Lerman, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Karen Fukuhara and Brian Tyree Henry. The film tells the story of Ladybug (Pitt), an experienced but very unlucky assassin who hopes for a peaceful mission after too many previous performances have gone awry. However, things are equally bad for this mission, as it puts him among the deadliest enemies in the Japanese bullet passenger express.

The film is an adaptation of the Japanese novel “Beetle Maria” by Kotaro Isaki. While the bullet train retains the Japanese setting of the original novel, in it many white actors were ambiguously presented as characters who were Japanese in the book. This led to Bullet Train being accused of whitewashing before its release. Now that the film has finally hit theaters, the reaction to it is still mixed. He currently has 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has received praise for being action-packed and boasting a strong cast, but has been criticized for a storyline that gets lost in an overloaded movie.

Now, as Deadline reports, Bullet Train had a pretty strong box office. During the first weekend in the United States, the film grossed $ 30.1 million, and worldwide – about $ 62.5 million. This $62.5 million opening is nothing to sneeze at, and the film is estimated to reach $100 million. However, its box office receipts still don’t allow it to pay off with its whopping $90 million budget.

The first weekend of Bullet Train is not bad. However, it’s definitely going slower, especially compared to other recently released films. For example, Jordan Peele’s original film “No” grossed $44 million at the US box office over the first weekend. Meanwhile, Nope had a much smaller budget – $68 million. Nevertheless, from a movie like Bullet Train, you can expect good, but not impressive box office receipts. While it boasts a cast, action, stunts, and a budget to make its look glamorous, it lacks the franchise appeal that makes many action movies profitable in today’s cinematic landscape.

Bullet Train is an exciting ride with relentless action, but it may not be strong enough to completely dazzle critics and commercially. However, it had a good start and its box office is likely to exceed its $90 million budget. However, due to such a large budget and the fact that Bullet Train is still far from it, commercial efficiency looks a little less bright. It’s too early to predict what the final result of Bullet Train’s performance will be. At the moment, however, Bullet Train demonstrates mediocre box office receipts at the opening with a large budget.


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