The Bounty Hunter Showed how “Star Wars” can Redeem Episode II


“Star Wars. Episode II. Attack of the Clones” can be considered one of the worst films of the Skywalker saga, but “Star Wars. Animated shows “Clone Wars”, various novels and comics. Upon release, the Star Wars prequels were heavily criticized, which led to mixed opinions about the trilogy. Fortunately, “Bounty Hunter” has shed light on some of its most useful qualities, including the bounty hunting culture that permeates many famous “Star Wars” shows. While many projects and eras of “Star Wars” have improved over time, “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter” has provided a fresh look at how great the potential of the prequel trilogy is.

In Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, players control Jango Fett 10 years before the Clone Wars. When the game begins, players can embark on a bounty hunter career untainted by Jedi and Sith schemes. However, this quickly changes when Darth Tyranus contacts Django and offers 5,000,000 credits for the murder of Darth Sidious’s former student (now a dark Jedi and leader of a crime syndicate). Unable to refuse the monumental contract, Django sets off across the galaxy, undermining the criminal organization of the dark Jedi and dragging it out into the open. Along the way, Django suffers significant losses and proves his reputation and ability to become the genetic template of the Kaminoan clone army.

Despite the fact that throughout the prequel trilogy there were many games and shows on “Star Wars”, fans met the films ambiguously. Insufficiently developed characters, poor-quality script and outdated execution, combined with incredibly high expectations from the original trilogy, eventually led to the shame of the prequels. Despite the fact that the films have spawned several memes and formed a devoted community of fans, there is an opinion that “The Hidden Menace”, “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” pale in comparison with such films as “New Hope” or “The Empire Strikes Back”. However, despite the shortcomings of the prequel trilogy, it opened the door to more Star Wars content and further development in the era of the Republic Era.

“Star Wars: Bounty Hunter” proved How Deadly Jango Fett Was

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu from “Star Wars” fight in battle with Jango Fett, but only the latter defeated him. Two matches are hardly enough to show how strong the character is, and the cruel and sudden death of Jango Fett only reduced the impact of his abilities on the audience. Fortunately, Django gained more recognition in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, where he defeated increasingly monstrous opponents.

Not only could the bounty hunter kill several well-known crime bosses, Django also killed a Krait dragon that one of his targets kept as a pet. Finally, the last opponent Jango Fett faces is a former student of Darth Sidious, whom he confidently defeats. Although Count Dooku eventually killed the Dark Jedi, Django’s ability to defeat the Force-sensitive is clearly shown in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. The game restores Jango Fett’s reputation and provides more context for the prequels, helping to establish legends about the origin of the Clone Wars along the way.

“Star Wars: Bounty Hunter” clarified the origin of the “Clone Wars”

The Star Wars Clone Wars era is the backbone of the franchise’s games, although when the conflict first entered the Star Wars canon, George Lucas limited its identity to one line. Early iterations of the Clone Wars involved a small dispute between the rebel clones, but the knowledge quickly turned into a galactic conflict between hundreds of star systems and billions of fighters. However, the prequels failed to explain why the Kaminoans and Count Dooku chose Jango Fett as a clone template and how the conflict between the CIS and the Galactic Republic turned into a war so quickly. The machinations of Darth Sidious contributed to the escalation of conflicts that culminated in the creation of an army of clones 10 years ago, but “Star Wars: Bounty Hunter” showed how restless the galaxy has become.

While the villains of the Hutts and Sith in Star Wars: Bounty Hunter are incredibly common in the universe, the suffering of ordinary people is often overlooked. Players explore a variety of territories fighting for prosperity under the rule of the Galactic Republic. Darth Sidious manipulated both sides of the war to his advantage, but dissatisfaction with the power of the Jedi also contributed to the possible beginning of the Clone Wars. The bounty hunting profession and the lucrative success of other criminal activities speak to the unmanageable dangers of everyday life in an era that paints a picture of the galaxy in silent turmoil.