The Bonkers Way Brian Johnson’s New Poker Face Show Is Directly Related to The Story of Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion


Ryan Johnson is doing well in the genre of murder mysteries, as Glass Onion continues to find new clues on the internet, such as the main hint of his biggest twist. Online chatter has kept the mystery comedy in the top ten on Netflix. Although the sequel retains a huge presence, Johnson has moved on to his next mystery project with the upcoming Peacock Poker Face series. Despite the fact that the projects vary greatly, there is a connection between them that viewers may not notice at first, except for Johnson himself. The director of “Get Knives” pointed out the insane connection of the upcoming series with the story of Benoit Blanc “Glass Bow”.

The Oscar-nominated director spoke about Poker Face/Glass Onion’s connection with Variety during the promotion of the new show. All this was connected with the beloved actress Natasha Lyonne, who leads Poker Face. Johnson pointed to a key scene in “The Glass Onion,” where a surly Benoit Blanc was playing a game with his celebrity friends in his bathtub, and mentioned how Lyonne’s cameo tied the two properties together:

Are you ready for a real reality twist? So, in the cameo in “The Glass Onion,” she plays herself, but she’s with her hair and makeup as Charlie in her trailer in between filming on the set of Poker Face. So, in the world of Glass Onion Poker Face is a show that is filmed by his girlfriend Natasha. It’s a twisted web that we weave.

It’s a nice little nugget for fans that they should know when they watch the series. Considering that Lyonne was playing herself, it would be right if Johnson introduced Glass Onion viewers to Poker Face in a unique way. This small nod may have helped propel the Peacock series before it makes its streaming debut. The cameo proved how famous and famous the cunning detective is in the real world.

Natasha Lyonne further explained that “Benoit Blanc also needs friends.” The star of the “Russian Doll” audaciously called himself “the figure of Hunter S. Thompson” in his world. She went on to admit that it was a “relief” that Johnson had forged an unlikely friendship.

The Poker Face cameo wasn’t the only highlight of the Glass Onion star scene. This was the last farewell for fans of Angela Lansbury and Stephen Sondheim after the Hollywood icons passed away in 2022 and 2021, respectively. The scene gave the audience an opportunity to look into the vulnerable side of Benoit Blanc, which was not in “Get Knives”. Perhaps Natasha Lyon will reappear, as Benoit Blanc’s third film is in development, with a potential key change in the future.

Ryan Johnson and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery are currently leading the Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. You can catch a murder mystery through an active Netflix subscription. But you won’t have too much time to continue the Johnson murder mystery, as the premiere of Poker Face for Peacock subscribers will take place on January 26.


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