The bond between Gianna and Joe Cruz according to Rae


Played by Chicago Fire star Adriyan Rae, the paramedic was first detained at gunpoint with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) while treating a patient, and then was in the ambulance when she was pulled off the road. On her side, Rae recently expressed the joy she felt for the action-packed introduction her character received.

“So I thought she was really cool. Plus, it was great to do scenes where you get caught at gunpoint and the ambulance flies off a cliff.”

“You have to learn about her through how she handles situations instead, sometimes they explain things with writing and people just say things so you can know more about the character, but in this way it really allowed me and the fans learn about her through how she reacts, ‚ÄĚrevealed the actress.

After the accident, Gianna (Adriyan Rae) initially has doubts about continuing on Firehouse 51, but after a heart-to-heart talk with Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso), she leaves the incident behind and returns to work.

“I think the life of first responders is that they go through things quite often that are noisy,” Rae said.

In turn, the new Chicago Fire says that what makes her characters so amazing and so good at their work is the fact that, although it may be an inconvenience, they will feel it, put it aside and return to it. they need to do.

“They can go back to saving lives and helping the community, I feel like that’s the kind of person Gianna is too, so that’s what makes her a very good paramedic and a very good fit for 51,” Rae confessed .

Similarly, Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae) has had an exciting performance, but what can we expect from her in the weeks ahead? First, it seems likely that she will explore her older brother and younger sister type relationship with Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) a bit.

“They have known each other for a lifetime and have a bond that comes from Gianna’s older brother who passed away,” Rae explained.

In turn, the actress revealed that Joe Cruz was like the best friend of Gianna’s older brother and that is why they share a close bond.

“They are like a family, but without blood tie, although the blood could not bring them closer.

Let’s not forget that Chicago Fire has been a very popular series for NBC. In addition, he is not only in his ninth season, but he also played an important role in the formation of the OneChicago franchise, which includes Chicago PD and Chicago Med.


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