The Bond 26 character to be played by Tom Hardy (this is not Agent 007)


Although Tom Hardy should appear in Bond 26 as the main character of the franchise, the actor should not play James Bond. While bookmakers disagree about who will be James Bond in Bond 26, directed by Gene Page or Tom Hardy, there is another role in the 007 franchise that would suit the latter actor even more. In the Bond adventure on the 26th screen, the suave superspy must become himself again.

The anxiety and rigidity of the Daniel Craig era in the James Bond era are not suitable for modern blockbuster cinema, where action movies have become more excessive and self-aware than ever before. The likes of the Fast and Furious franchise and the Mission Impossible films were much more fun and playful than the recent releases of Agent 007, which could have been improved with a more fun and goofy Bond 26. Tom Hardy could have contributed to the success of this sequel, but without playing Bond himself.

While “Bond 26” doesn’t have to be as light as the inconsistent tone of “Die, but Not Now,” James Bond’s next adventure really should remind viewers of how exciting the franchise can be, and a great villain is the best way to ensure that. Hardy impressed with his mannered villains, such as “Bane” from The Dark Knight Rises, and would outshine everyone in Bond 26 as a new version of Blofeld. The iteration of Christoph Waltz’s character was one of the silliest elements of Craig-era films, but Blofeld still existed in the mundane world of “Ghost” and “No Time to Die,” and so his mannered potential was limited by the (comparatively) harsh atmosphere of Craig’s films. On the contrary, Hardy could have offered a much more extravagant reimagining of the role for a new, more lighthearted incarnation of the James Bond franchise.

Not only that, but Hardy’s responsibilities in the Mad Max and Venom franchises may prevent the actor from fitting Bond into his busy schedule. However, like Blofeld, Hardy will have a smaller role and it won’t take him that long to make an impression. Thus, the actor could help bring back the funny side of Bond without taking on the role of 007, allowing Hardy to play a key role in the revival of the franchise, leaving the role of James Bond to a relative newcomer.

Some names associated with Bond 26, such as Hardy, Idris Elba and Henry Cavill, have been criticized because of their high status. It was argued that the role of Bond should go to a lesser-known actor who does not yet have an established image on the screen. Perhaps this is historical revisionism, considering what famous older actors such as Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan were before Bond. However, in the case of Tom Hardy, the argument makes sense, since the star has played stage-grabbing villains many times and proved himself to be perfect for the job, which means he’s perfect for Blofeld. However, whether Bond 26 will take advantage of this opportunity or not is unknown until James Bond returns to the big screen.