The Bomb The PS5 Controller DualSense Will Have


A new feature of the PlayStation 5 controller DualSense has emerged. This feature, which came out with a patent received by Sony, reveals that you can understand who is holding the device. In this way, players will be able to hide their game progress and PlayStation user profiles from other users.

The countdown continues for PlayStation 5, the upcoming next-generation game console of Japan-based technology giant Sony. The console, which players are eagerly waiting for, manages to impress users with its unique features. Now a new patent has emerged regarding DualSense, the controller of PlayStation 5. This patent demonstrates an impressive feature of the device.

A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment in February has surfaced these days. According to the patent, DualSense will be able to know who is using it. This feature is the result of Sony’s desire to increase user security and privacy with PlayStation 5. Let’s take a closer look at this feature of DualSense.

According to the information in the patent, DualSense will have one or more special sensors. These sensors will enable the player holding the controller to be identified. In other words, PlayStation 5 will allow you to access your PlayStation 5 account directly with your own remote. It seems that thanks to this feature, a player will be able to protect their game progress and their user profile from other people using the console.

It is obvious that this patent that Sony took for DualSense is impressive. However, Sony does not explicitly mention how the feature can be used in this patent. The company says only that DualSense will transmit telemetry data to PlayStation 5, so that it can be understood which player has the controller. Nevertheless, it is necessary to wait for Sony to have the final word on this patent.

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