The Bold Type: Katie Stevens Reveals Season 5 Details


The Bold Type: The 5th season of The Bold Type debuted last Wednesday (26th) on Freeform. Thus, the actress Katie Stevens, interpreter of the protagonist Jane, in an interview with TV Insider, revealed some details of the first episode of the production and the expectations for this new wave of episodes.

To recap, the 5v1 episode of The Bold Type featured Jane and her employee Scott (Mat Vairo) trying to track down Raana (Jelani Nanayakkara), the assistant editor who was accused of abuse in the workplace.

In this way, together, they get her to confirm her source’s account anonymously. But then Addison (Christine Nguyen) comes along to inform Jane that something doesn’t make sense in her source story. What will happen in this plot?

“She realized the mistake that was made and now she needs to tell Jacqueline [Melora Hardin]. This is very difficult because Jacqueline trusted her to follow this story and protect her, ”she said.

“As Jane has always sought Jacqueline’s approval, I feel that she is now in an interesting position, won on her own merits,” said the actress. “We will see her without fear of recognizing her mistake, something that Jacqueline taught her earlier,” she added.

Katie Stevens talks about her character’s love life in The Bold Type

According to Jane’s interpreter, there will be some love interests this season. “But I think the biggest relationship we’re going to see blossoming will be the one she’s formed with herself, because Jane has gone through a lot over these seasons and has matured a lot,” she said.

“I think we’re finally going to watch her in a place where she’s going to find out what she wants out of life and who she wants to be”, she vibrated, also commenting that, despite being the last season, there are many interesting moments for viewers with these questions.

When asked about the return of Ryan (Dan Jeannotte), the actress joked about it, stating that she could not say anything about it.

Stay tuned! The Bold Type airs a new episode for its 5th season next week. The first four seasons are available on Netflix.


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