The Bold Type: All About Season 5 Finale of the Series (Spoilers)


The Bold Type: This Wednesday (30), Freeform aired the last episode of The Bold Type, which ended its saga after five seasons on the channel. However, fans can rest assured that most of the characters had a satisfying ending, especially friends Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee) and Sutton (Meghann Fahy), who finished production hand in hand, just like when started their adventures in the first episode.

So, find out more about the 5×6 episode of The Bold Type with our recap!

The Bold Type: What was the outcome of the characters in the series?

Throughout its episodes, viewers followed the motivations and dreams of the protagonists of the production, showing how Scarlet magazine — which they worked hard to conquer — consolidated itself in the publishing market with their incredible professional skills.

In this sense, the series offered a stunning look at female friendship in the business world, always showing the support that both provided each other, even with many conflicts and gigantic challenges.

The ambitious Jane Sloan, for example, who always wanted to be Scarlet’s editor-in-chief, learned many things along her journey, working tirelessly with Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) to reach the pinnacle of success. And in this outcome, the executive decides to retire, leaving the way open to her ward, who refuses the offer, as she discovers that she wants to be a successful writer more than anything.

With that in mind, the young woman asks the boss to choose Kat as her successor and thinks about going out into the world to find out what’s most interesting out there that she can touch her readers. In this way, her friend has a big turnaround in this ending, becoming editor-in-chief of the magazine and presenting scathing proposals in her first days in the new position.

Kat finally has her work recognized as she thinks about strategies to increase Scarlet’s engagement and sales in the digital marketplace. Even with some misgivings, she seems determined to embrace this grand opportunity and move forward with this new challenge. The character also decides that she needs Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) by her side in this new stage.

Sutton, on the other hand, had an outcome more focused on his own personal issues, while trying to keep the decompression of the work intact. While in therapy, she found some dilemmas in her routine, trying to correct them over time. Also, her story with Richard (Samuel Page) seems to have come to an end, after the character understands her own feelings.

And even with this ending, the two seem to have found themselves in a comfortable place for both of them, where they are able to devote themselves to their own issues, which do not need to affect each other’s lives as much. Thus, its outcome, despite being melancholy, is quite pertinent.

Other characters also appeared in this series finale, such as Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore). In this sense, the production had a positive outcome, showing how everything can end well, despite the many adversities that arise along the way.

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