The Blade Artist: Trainspotting Spin-Off Series Is In Production


The Blade Artist, a spin-off series from Trainspotting, is in production, according to the CEOs of Buccaneer Media. The sequel to the 1996 classic should see actor Roberto Carlyle back in the role of the unstable Francis Begbie. Like the movies, the show is inspired by an eponymous book by Irvine Welsh.

Storyline of The Blade Artist

The series’ story will take place after the events of the Danny Boyle-directed film, following a retired Begbie who now lives in California. The unstable criminal now works as a successful painter and sculptor and lives a quiet life with his wife Melanie and two daughters.

The artist’s fame is divided. Some believe in the legitimacy of Begbie’s work, but others suspect that he is nothing but an imposter.

None of this matters after he returns to Scotland to bury a son he didn’t know existed. The return makes him face the weight of a dark past. With that, it doesn’t take long for Begbie to realize: you can take the boy out of Edinburgh, but you can’t take the boy out of Edinburgh.


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