The Blacklist: The Reason The Drama Didn’t Cast Red In Liz Keen’s Place


The Blacklist is one of the most watched crime dramas on television today. The series starring James Spader as Raymond Reddington also kept Megan Boone at the helm for eight seasons as FBI profiler Elizaabeth Keen, a character who played a pivotal role on the hit NBC broadcast show. (Spoilers from the end of season 8)

Season 9 of The Blacklist hit the fan screens at the end of October, and arrived two weeks ago for its sixth episode with which it said goodbye to viewers until January 6, 2022, when it returns with the seventh installment the which will focus on narrating the story of Donald Ressler, by Diego Klattemhoff, and everything that happened to the character after Keen’s death.

Elizabeth Keen died at the end of season 8 of The Blacklist. The protégé of James Spader’s character, she succumbed after receiving two fatal shots from one of Townsend’s men, in front of Raymond Reddington’s eyes. An unexpected death that surprised all the fans who have followed the series from the beginning.

Let’s remember that Elizabeth Keen was one of the fundamental characters of The Blacklist from the first time it aired. The story of the show, for eight seasons, revolved around the profiler and Raymond Reddington, but this escalated in season 8 when they both declared war to the death.

This narrative about Keen and Reddintong in eight seasons of The Blacklist, no doubt turned into something repetitive that began to annoy fans of the series. Therefore, it is very likely that the production has decided to kill one of its main characters, with the purpose that the history of the crime drama took another direction, and focused on Harold Cooper, Donald Ressler, Alina Park and Dembe Zuma, as as is happening with the ninth installment, since their arches always remained in the background.

However, the question many are asking has to do with the decision they made regarding murdering Elizabeth Keen rather than doing this with Raymond Reddington, who has been suffering from a terminal illness. Another question that should be asked here is that if the death of Spader’s characters had occurred, what were the chances that fans would continue to watch the NBC program.

It is true that Elizabeth Keen was not the favorite of all viewers, unlike the character of Spader who is considered the soul of the show, and this is something that has been constantly evidenced on social networks when fans come to express their opinions. Having killed Reddington at the end of season 8 of The Blacklist, the crime drama’s ratings, which have been dropping with each season, would have declined so much that the production’s next decision would be to kill the series. In fact, nothing has been said yet regarding a renovation.