The Blacklist: The character believed to be dead and who could return to the NBC drama


The Blacklist is one of the most successful crime dramas of the last decades on television. James Spader’s masterful performance and his story arc as Raymond Reddington is one of the fundamental keys that the NBC show has to keep millions of fans hooked who receive new episodes on their screens every week. (Spoilers for the season 8 finale)

The Blacklist is currently holding season 9 on NBC on pause, but is scheduled to return with a new episode to its old time slot on Friday, February 25. When the drama returns, it must address one of the biggest concerns fans have had so far, which is related to the death of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

Recall that at the end of The Blacklist Season 8, when Keen was set to kill Reddington, Vandyke appeared out of nowhere and shot Boone’s character in the back, apparently killing her. Many fans of the crime drama, on the grounds that anything can happen in The Blacklist, believe that she is not dead.

What is certain is that some fans of The Blacklist believe that they will see Elizabeth Keen again in some way, just as it happened in season 3 when she faked her death. The same thing happened with Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) and Mr. Kaplan, who were presumed dead at some point in the story, and then reappeared. This is why The Blacklist is known for killing important characters, only to bring them back and alive.

In this sense, taking into account what has happened before, it would not be strange for Megan Boone to reappear with her character even if she is dead, since there are many ways in which she could return to the history of the NBC series. Fans formulated some interesting theories about it, considering that the actress left the show in season 8 as a series regular, to found her own production company.

It turns out that fans support her theory of Boone’s return to the series, due to some of the words surrounding her departure from The Blacklist. Let’s remember that many media outlets echoed the news at the time, but it was a fan on Reddit who took notice when Deadline used the phrase “her last appearance of her as a regular” to talk about the end of season 8.

Without a doubt, this phrase caught their attention and therefore led them to wonder if Megan Boone had really left The Blacklist forever or just as a regular character. This could open up the possibility of her at some point reappearing as a recurring character or guest star. One way for this to happen is that Season 9 of The Blacklist reveals that Elizabeth Keen is alive. This is what fans had to say on Reddit about her return:

“Maybe she’ll come back for a sleep session. Probably the last episode when Red dies and they’re reunited with the real Katarina Rostova.”

“Liz is gone. Though I guess it’s possible she’s in a flashback, memory or hallucination, especially in the series finale.”