The Blacklist: Season 9 Will Not Have Series Creator On Staff


The Blacklist: Jon Bokenkamp, ​​creator of The Blacklist, recently announced his retirement from NBC production after eight seasons. Thus, the departure of Megan Boone, who played the protagonist Liz Keen, will not be the only casualty the series will suffer in its 9th season.

“I wanted to write to you directly to let you know that I made the difficult decision to leave [the team] from The Blacklist,” said Bokenkamp, ​​via his official Twitter account.

“I love this show with all my heart and it’s been an amazing journey, but after eight years I feel like it’s time to step out of my comfort zone, try something new and explore some of the other characters and stories that are dominating my mind.” published.

In his personal account, Jon Bokenkamp also claimed that, as a screenwriter, he needed to challenge himself at all times to win over viewers and not let any detail of the series seem predictable. When referring to the production’s fans, he underscored the public’s commitment and enthusiasm for the success of the eight seasons released so far.

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The Blacklist: What to Expect from Season 9?

The eighth season finale of The Blacklist aired last Wednesday night (23) on NBC. At the time, the audience watched Elizabeth Keen’s final moments in the series, also checking out a shocking cliffhanger that should only be resolved at the beginning of Season 9.

As such, viewers’ expectations are quite high, as there are several important questions that need to be answered. Still in this aspect, there is also a growing curiosity to know how the series will continue without one of its main characters.

Even before the airing of the 8×22 episode, Bokenkamp took the opportunity to thank Megan Boone’s participation in The Blacklist through a comment made on the actress’ Instagram.

“You were an amazing collaborator, a tireless partner and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve built together. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this amazing tour,” he wrote.


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