The Blacklist Season 9: They Finally Reveal Why Elizabeth Keen Was Murdered


The Blacklist, NBC’s crime-action drama that airs every Friday, heads to its season 9 finale on May 27 with episode 22 titled “Marvin Gerard, Conclusion: Part 2.” , to continue the battle of James Spader’s character in the aftermath of Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Keen’s (Megan Boone) death at the end of the eighth installment. (Spoilers for episodes 20 and 21)

During the 20th episode that aired last week on NBC, after an intense investigation Raymond Reddington (Spader) finally found out who was responsible for orchestrating the death of his protégé Liz Keen. Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens) is the mastermind, just as fans of the crime drama suspected from the start.

Now, with episode 21 airing this Friday, May 20, fans of The Blacklist got the answer they’ve been waiting for since the end of season 8. The motivations that led Marvin Gerard to betray Reddington and plan his protégé’s death. Elizabeth Keen, were revealed in this installment.

Recall that according to The Blacklist story, Mervin Gerard worked for Reddington over the years and was unhappy about his plans to hand over his criminal empire to Liz Keen, someone he didn’t consider worthy and capable of leading the charge. business for which he has been working for a long time. And therefore, he did not trust her.

After Liz’s death, it was Marvin Gerard who took over Reddington’s empire when it disappeared. And when he returned at the start of The Blacklist season 9, Stevens’ character hoped that the international criminal would forget everything and not investigate while he was blackmailing Harold Cooper. However, that did not happen and the consequences of his intense search for the truth led him to find the culprit.

The truth is that although many thought that Marvin Gerard’s reason for murdering Liz Keen was due to revenge against Reddington because he had tortured him in season 8 of The Blacklist, the motivations of Stevens’s character were other. His ambition for wanting to control the business he learned to run with the help of the tapes that Reddington had left for his protégé so that she would know how to run the criminal empire. The best thing for Marvin was to get Liz out of the way.

Marvin Gerard’s motivations on The Blacklist actually make things a lot more interesting. Instead of a simple quest for revenge, the character did what he felt was best for the Reddington empire, but without fully understanding just how important Liz Keen was to James Spader’s character, as noted by fans on Reddit. But there is one thing to be sure of, and that is that Reddington will be no less merciful for it. The war began and this will bring consequences that will be developed in the ninth installment