The Blacklist Season 9: The character who could end up dead before the end


The Blacklist is NBC’s long-running action drama, which premiered its season 9 at the end of October last year and is now moving towards the end of this part of the story, which follows the international criminal turned FBI collaborator, Raymond Reddington (James Spader).

The series wrapped up its eighth season a year ago, with an unexpected final episode that left viewers stunned. The previous installment was marked by the death of Elizabeth Keen, former FBI profiler and protégé of Raymond Reddington. The character played by Megan Boone from the first installment, was killed from behind while she was with the man she claims to be her father.

In The Blacklist season 8 ended with the heartbreaking death of Elizabeth Keen, and it seems that this installment takes the same path. Someone close to Raymond Reddington may die before the crime drama concludes its ninth season on Friday, May 27, with the 22nd episode titled “Marvin Gerard, Conclusion: Part 2.”

The NBC crime series made a shocking reveal on the 20th episode that aired on May 13. Raymond Reddington, after an intense search finally found out who was the one who ordered the death of Elizabeth Keen. And it was in the midst of investigating him that an explosion nearly killed his bodyguard and protective arm of James Spader’s character, Weecha Xiu (Diany Rodriguez).

Recall that in the previous episode, Reddington learned that Marvin Gerard was not only responsible for Elizabeth Keen’s death and the explosion that put Weecha in a life or death situation, but he is also threatening Mierce’s life. Xiu (Karina Arroyave), one of the most important people for the character of James Spader.

In the NBC crime drama, Weecha Xiu’s fate is unclear at the moment, and thus it is not known if she will survive. And while fans will surely be hoping she’ll be saved from it, it’s important to remember that this experience could cost Raymond Reddington dearly.