The Blacklist Season 9: The character close to Reddington who returns with episode 11


The Blacklist, NBC’s hit series that follows international criminal Raymond Reddington (James Spader), will return to fans’ screens next Friday with Season 9 Episode 11. And as the installment progresses, the crime drama brings back an iconic character.

Fans of The Blacklist, episode 10 which aired this week saw Reddington visit the grave of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), as she searches for answers that matter to her and relate to what happened the night of her death. . Let’s remember that the murderer Vandyke found out where they were, but the question has to do with who gave him the information.

Fans of The Blacklist will be able to see the continuation of this story with episode 11. Reddington will surely find the traitor and it is very likely that he will use some methods with the help of a friend. Actor Teddy Coluca is set to return as Teddy Brimley, Spader’s character’s torture master on the NBC series.

But, the surprising thing about this is not only the return of the character, but with whom he is accompanied. In a new promotional photo for The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 11, Brimley is seen standing next to a camel. Without a doubt, this is something that generates a lot of intrigue when just thinking about the reason why the teacher arrives accompanied by a dromedary.

And it is that the faithful viewers of The Blacklist who know Reddington’s torturer friend, know that the character always tends to use animals during the application of his techniques; one of the most memorable being his goat. Surely, with episode 11 titled “The Conglomerate”, fans will finally learn what a camel could be useful for in the middle of a torture process.

It is very likely that Brimley’s return to The Blacklist is related to the search for answers about the death of Elizabeth Keen, since he is still working on how Vandyke got to the place where he and his protégé were alone that night. . Big things are coming in the crime drama, and in a matter of days the next episode will hit fans’ screens.