The Blacklist Season 9: Reddington’s true identity could be revealed


As viewers await the return of The Blacklist season 9, some fans have been discussing whether the show will ever reveal the true identity of Raymond “Red” Reddington (played by James Spader), due to the exit from Elizabeth Keen actress Megan Boone and show creator Jon Bokenkamp have raised alarms over an alleged ending. Spoiler alert!

Recall that during the final episode of the eighth season of The Blacklist, Elizabeth Keen was “killed” by an unknown man, she being the essential character who gave Red motivations to help the FBI to capture and dismantle all members from the blacklist.

But, in the season 9 premiere it is revealed to us that Red has drifted away from the FBI and has become obsessed with Liz’s death, so he has been investigating every detail of what happened that night she is practically murdered. in front of their noses. Liz’s death was evidence that anyone searching for Red’s true identity was putting themselves in danger.

So now that Liz’s actress is missing and Red’s motivations seem to have crumbled, fans have been talking about the end of the show that could come with the last episode of season 9, where everyone will somehow see the true identity of Raymond Reddington.

“The real Katarina Rostova is still alive somewhere. This is our answer, I guess we won’t know her identity until the end of The Blacklist or anything,” said a fan on Reddit.

In fact, during an interview with actor James Spader he commented on some details about the identity of his character, saying that a single answer seemed too easy for all the public who enjoy the show, so seeing all the things he has done since the first season it is possible to understand who Raymond Reddington really is.

“First of all, that’s something I wouldn’t divulge because I think it’s something where the only way you get that information is by watching the show.”

Currently The Blacklist has managed to broadcast nine episodes of its season 9, entering a small pause on January 20, 2022 for the winter olympic games. But, announcing his return for next February 25 with his 10th episode titled