The Blacklist Season 9: Raymond Reddington’s new intrigue in episode 18


The Blacklist, the NBC crime drama that follows Raymond Reddington (James Spader), remains on the air with the ninth season and in the most recent episodes has shown this character in his hard fight while trying to get answers about who or who is behind the death of his protégé Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), that fateful night during the season 8 finale.

The hit NBC series may have fired Megan Boone almost a year ago, but her character continues to be an important part of the story in the most recent episodes of The Blacklist season 9. Two years after her death according to the show’s plot, Raymond Reddington works on the investigation that will surely lead to the whereabouts of the person responsible for her murder.

Last week fans saw Reddington nab a former New York detective named Reginald Cole (Ross Partridge), who apparently kept in his possession the tracking device found in the stomach of Elizabeth Keen’s corpse. However, Spader’s character didn’t have time to get more information, as the man was killed at the end of the episode.

In The Blacklist, Reddington won’t stop until he finds the person responsible for Liz’s death. According to the official synopsis of episode 18 of season 9 that will air on Friday, April 29 at the regular time of the program 08:00 p.m. m. – 09:00 p.m. m, was shared by NBC revealing that Reddington will be questioning the whereabouts of a former associate, while the FBI Task Force goes after a criminal who deals in illegal psychedelics.

The question that fans of The Blacklist are surely asking themselves is who this person Reddington is looking for could be in episode 18 of the drama’s ninth installment. It’s an interesting question, as many people could have gone anywhere in the years following Liz’s death, and with this in mind there are also some characters who haven’t been seen for some time in the series.

Reddington probably has good reason to be interested in someone’s whereabouts, and it’s safe to say that he probably had something to do with Liz’s death. However, this is another of the mysteries that the show has accustomed to fans, who must wait for the arrival of episode 18 to find out who it really is.