The Blacklist Season 9: How Much Agnes Knows About Reddington’s Identity


The Blacklist is scheduled to return to fan screens starting Thursday, January 6, 2022 with episode 7 of the ninth season. The crime action drama on the NBC network will show part of the consequences of the discovery made by Raymond Reddington (James Spader) in the previous installment. (Episode 6 spoilers)

Episode 7 will also focus primarily on one of the characters. According to the recently revealed synopsis, Donald Ressler will be at the center and through flashbacks fans will be able to learn about his most recent history, especially the events that occurred after the death of Elizabeth Keen, two years before the start of season 9 of according to the timeline planned in the plot.

Recall that the last time The Blacklist aired was the first days of December, and it left Reddington in a spiral of rage against Dembe Zuma, as he believes that his former bodyguard is responsible for Liz apparently having read the letter. that she had entrusted to him to hand it over to him in the event that he died. It was through little Agnes’s comment that Spader’s character began to come to terms with what might have happened.

In episode 6 of season 9 of The Blacklist, while Reddington was playing with Agnes the little girl revealed that Liz Keen had confessed to him that he was the most important person in the life of her deceased mother of hers. This was said after hinting that Red was a Russian national. Without a doubt, this has been the biggest discovery of season 9 of the crime drama.

This was a major turn in the history of The Blacklist that certainly surprised not only Reddington, but also all fans of the hit NBC series. Depending on how the story is being told, Dembe could be involved in this complicated matter, although that remains to be resolved when the series returns in January. But one of the most important questions to ask yourself here is another.

How much does Agnes, Liz’s daughter, know about Reddington’s true identity? Is there a chance that she knows a lot more than what she said in episode 6? Agnes surely has knowledge of other details, and what she revealed to Spader’s character at the time was only in the context of the game, and therefore he did not want to pressure her not to make the situation uncomfortable.

Another question worth asking here is whether Harold Cooper knows anything about it. Let us remember that since Liz’s death, it is he and his wife who take care of Agnes. Fortunately Reddington can visit and share with her at certain times, as long as they are both under surveillance.