The Blacklist Season 9: Episode 20 confirmed what we suspected about Liz’s killer


The Blacklist, the crime action drama that premiered season 9 at the end of October 2021, is coming to the conclusion of this part of the story that followed Raymond Reddington wanting to find out who ordered the death of his beloved Liz Keen (Megan Boone). ) at the end of the eighth installment. It was an intense search full of mysteries, betrayals and deaths, but finally the character of James Spader found the truth. (Spoilers for episode 20)

Now that the truth about Liz Keen’s death is out, fans of The Blacklist are getting ready to welcome the season 9 finale to their screens on NBC. A conclusion that is divided into two parts and scheduled to air on May 20 and 27.

It was with The Blacklist season 9 episode 20 that Raymond Reddington discovered what many fans of the show suspected regarding what was behind Liz’s death. While Vandyke easily reached the location where Boone’s character was meeting her protector, he did so by tracking her location with a device Liz wore on her body.

It turns out that the one who betrayed Raymond Reddington in The Blacklist is a character close to him. It was Marvin Gerard, as many fans have speculated for some time. Red’s own lawyer, didn’t sit well with the idea of ​​Liz Keen taking over the criminal empire and may have felt that killing her was the only way to ensure that didn’t happen. To do this, he planted the tracker on Liz, right in front of Reddington, and while serving them coffee and tea.

In this sense, as is customary in The Blacklist, some final episodes of each season are divided into two titles bearing the names of important criminals on the FBI blacklist. Therefore, season 9 will end with episodes 21 and 22, titled “Marvin Gerard: Conclusion, Part 1” and “Marvin Gerard: Conclusion, Part 2”.

Surely the final two episodes of season 9 of The Blacklist will delve into the reasons that led Marvin Gerard to murder Liz. Let’s remember that this character was previously tortured by Raymond Reddington when he once believed that he had betrayed him. However, the rest of the truth will possibly be revealed with the final episodes.