The Blacklist Season 8: Megan Boone visits a familiar place


NBC is scheduled to premiere season 8 of the crime drama The Blacklist on November 13 with James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington and Megan Boone as Elizabeth “Lis” Keen. But while we wait, their stars excite us with the news.

In a new post on her Instagram Stories, star Megan Boone made it clear that she recently filmed in a familiar location at Dom’s house, and that it may be the final scenes she does there.

Since Brian Dennehy is no longer with us, it makes some sense for the writers to remove this location before long. There have been many very important scenes that have taken place in this house; a large part of the “Rassvet” episode, for example, was developed entirely around her.

If we will soon see the ending of Dom’s house as a location, we hope that more secrets from The Blacklist will be revealed soon. We recently found out about what happened in Belgrade, and so we have the feeling that there are a few more secrets that the character was keeping.

We believe that much of what Dom told Liz in “Rassvet” may be true, but there are some key details that he left out; just remember that it made it look like Ilya became Reddington, when the reality was that she was about to and it didn’t happen for some reason.

Just knowing that Dom’s house will return makes us feel a bit nostalgic … and also makes us think that we are probably in the last episodes of the season of The Blacklist. (We hope The Blacklist season 8 won’t be the last, but we must be prepared for the possibility.)

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