The Blacklist Season 10: NBC renewed the James Spader series for another season


The Blacklist, the long-running crime drama starring James Spader as Raymond Reddington since it premiered in 2013 on NBC, launched its ninth season at the end of October last year with a big change in its story, after the death of one of its main characters. This caused some fans to question the continuity of the program, but the broadcast network has already made a decision.

Recall that at the end of season 8 of The Blacklist, the successful series that follows Reddington as a contributor to the FBI task force, he decided to assassinate Elizabeth Keen, the character played by Megan Boone from the beginning. Her departure surprised fans of the series who did not expect the big twist that changed the course of everything.

Boone’s departure was accompanied by that of The Blacklist creator and showrunner Jon Bokenkamp. Both losses generated a series of speculations among the fandom of the NBC series, saying that the drama was taking another direction and therefore had lost its essence. However, there are those who support the program continuing with James Spader, whom they consider to be the soul of the crime drama.

In this sense, fans were always doubtful that the series would continue beyond season 9. However, the good news was revealed this Wednesday when the media reported that the drama The Blacklist was officially renewed for season 10 in the broadcast network NBC.

And it is that the news comes when season 9 remains on the air on NBC with audience levels more or less similar to those of the previous installment, with an average of 5.1 million weekly viewers. While Blacklist has lost a huge number of viewers, the series starring James Spader still has a loyal following that stays hooked on their screens.

It was through the American talk show with Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show, when James Spader himself announced the renewal of The Blacklist for season 10, while promoting the rest of the episodes of the current installment of the successful long-running program, the which will be airing again on Fridays in prime time.