The Blacklist Redemption: What we suspected about why the spin-off didn’t work out


The Blacklist Redemption: What we suspected about why the spin-off didn’t work out

The Blacklist: Redemption was on the air for only 1 season, we could only see 8 episodes of this derivative of the successful NBC series The Blacklist but the reasons were really justified to deprive the audience of continuing to watch this show, let’s see.

There are some opportunities in which the decisions that are made regarding the series by companies do not turn out well. This was the case with The Blacklist: Redemption since in the entertainment world there are risks, but it is complicated. Especially when it comes to spin-off projects from other series because they are proven to be a bit of a problem for the network and some franchise attempts.

Sometimes they run with luck and turn out to be as successful as the original series, but other times they don’t. The Blacklist: Redemption released in 2017 was the living example of this. It was born as a spin-off of The Blacklist, and NBC was convinced that it would be a success too, since it had enough potential, since The Blacklist, has been one of the most popular shows on television for years, and continues to attract millions viewers each week.

In fact, it has been a challenge to maintain the quality of the show for so long, since its debut in 2013 this series has been exceptionally consistent; however, its spin-off did not meet the same fate as The Blacklist: Redemption was canceled with only one season on the air.

The show’s synopsis read “The premise of Redemption reunited Tom with his mother Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen), and together they carried out private security missions for his firm Halcyon Aegis.” Blacklist: Redemption was too drastic a change for the public and became a serious mistake for NBC. Nonetheless, the original series still represents a huge success after all these years.

The spin-off The Blacklist: Redemption starred Famke Janssen, Ryan Eggold, and Edi Gathegi. Although the audience showed some interest early in the series, the show ultimately failed to attract the same type of audience as the original series. Let’s take into account that the derivative programs are tremendously unpredictable projects, and Redemption proved it.

“While NBC has had success in recent years with the rapid expansion of the Chicago franchise, the results were less than ideal for The Blacklist’s first spinoff. Blacklist: Redemption opened softly in the drama’s Thursday time slot. flagship, averaging a 1.2 rating and 6.3 million viewers, both steep drops from the numbers the mothership continues to generate.The drama, directed by Famke Janssen and original series star Ryan Eggold, was a tough sell for renewal as it is one of the few NBC dramas to come from outside the Sony Pictures Television studio,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote.