The BlackList: NBC Reveals Big Change From Season 10 Of James Spader Drama


The Blacklist, the action drama from the NBC broadcast network, premiered its season 9 on October 21 last year. It’s been on the air all this time, and now it’s heading toward the end of this part of the story that follows the life of international criminal working for the FBI, Raymond Reddington, the character played by James Spader.

The Blacklist currently airs on Fridays in primetime and has a season 9 finale scheduled to air on May 27. In the most recent episodes, important events in the history of the successful series are changing the course of the plot, while Raymond Reddington after an intense investigation, finally discovered who is behind the death of Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

Season 9 of The Blacklist will culminate with the remaining two episodes, which will be in charge of narrating a story from beginning to end, and will be focused on the lawyer of the character of James Spader, as revealed last Friday. A couple of installments, which will undoubtedly leave the door open for what is to come with the tenth season of the long-running crime drama.

As is known, The Blacklist will return with season 10 to the screens of the fans through NBC. But, the American broadcast network did not include the James Spader series in its fall 2022 premiere schedule. Fans will have to wait quite a while to see the next episodes of the show.

NBC revealed this Monday the schedule of its next premieres for the period 2022-2023, with a big change for season 10 The Blacklist. Fans, since the series premiered in 2013, have received each season on their screens between September and October, with the exception of the sixth installment, which debuted in January 2019.

For the second time, a new installment of The Blacklist is postponed until the beginning of the year. Season 10 of the successful NBC series will not premiere in the fall, but in the middle of the 2022-2023 season, in January of next year, as reported by the broadcast network. However, the reasons for lengthening the wait for the next episodes of the show were not revealed.