The Blacklist: Liz returns in new images from season 8


The Blacklist: NBC released new photos of the April 23 police drama episode, entitled “Misère”, in which the protagonist Megan Boone returns after having spent a few episodes away.The actress last appeared on January 29, when her character fled after attempting the life of Raymond Reddington.

She has since disappeared from the past eight episodes, although the series has hinted at how Liz is spending her time on the run. Despite this, when asked, an NBC representative declined to comment on Boone’s notable absence.

The Blacklist: learn more about the episode that brings Liz back to the series

According to the official description of the episode, the series will look back on the time Liz spent as a fugitive, reconstructing, from the perspective of the former FBI agent, the steps that led her to align herself with a powerful enemy.

The footage from the episode, released by NBC, also gives fans an idea of ​​what to expect from Boone’s return to the series, and includes some elements from recent episodes, like the one where Liz hired a look-alike to work with the FBI task force. in your place.

However, before Liz can return, the episode entitled “Anne” will still be aired on April 16. In it, Red pays a visit to his love interest, which gives the episode its name, at his home in the countryside.

The Blacklist, which has already been renewed for season 9, has its episodes aired every Friday on NBC. In Brazil, the series will air on the AXN channel. Be sure to check it out!


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