The Blacklist: Decision to Remove This Character Ruined Ratings


The Blacklist stars James Spader as Raymond “Red” Reddington and Megan Boone as Liz Keen, and the two characters are deeply intricate. Red was on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list for decades, and Liz’s family history has meant a lot of trouble for the young FBI agent. Fans of the show often disagree on the morale of its characters, and even in season 9, many believe the ratings dropped considerably.

On The Blacklist, Red turned himself in to the FBI and requested to work exclusively with rookie profiler Liz Keen. Red had a list of dangerous criminals that the FBI was not even aware of, and agreed to work with them to catch them as long as he was granted immunity. From then on, Red and Liz worked together in an FBI task force to locate these “blacklisted” characters.

Throughout the series, the mystery about Red’s relationship with Liz is a central focal point. Fans once believed that he was her father, but the show revealed that that theory was false. Even in season 9, fans don’t know why Red was so drawn to Liz.

Unfortunately, in season 8 of The Blacklist, Liz died in Red’s arms. He wanted her to kill him to establish himself as a ruthless adversary in the criminal world, but she couldn’t. Just as he was about to lower the gun on him, Vandyke shot and killed Liz.

Liz’s death and her impact on Red on The Blacklist was a significant turning point in the show. And, unfortunately for some fans, these major events convinced them to stop watching the series. But not enough people left the show to hurt The Blacklist’s audience.

According to official sources, The Blacklist Season 9’s ratings are stable after killing one of the show’s top stars in season 8. The premiere was viewed by 3.1 million people and had a rating of 0.39. And while the viewership has dropped a bit over the weeks as the Season 9 episodes have released, their numbers are holding steady.