The Blacklist: All About Season 9 Premiere



The Blacklist: Last Thursday (21), NBC released the 9th season of The Blacklist, which, since its inception, has already brought great expectations in the public. All of this was fueled by the death of Liz Keen (Megan Boone) in the last aired episode of Season 8. The way the narrative was interrupted made all fans anxious for what was to come.

That way, check out everything about the premiere of the series’ new season with our recap!

The Blacklist 9v1: Red continues his life without Liz

The title “The Skinner” begins two years after the events that culminated in Liz Keen’s death. No one knows where Red (James Spader) is, and the task force the characters were previously part of has been restructured. As such, Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) now works as an FBI special agent and is on a very advanced and dangerous case.

Due to an accident involving a microchip, the character ends up in the hospital and has severe health complications. Cooper (Harry Lennix), Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and Aram (Amir Arison) have moved on with their lives away from the world of criminal investigations — or close to it. While this preamble was being established, Red was hiding in Havana, Cuba.

The last two years have been quite difficult for him in every way. In addition to suffering from Elizabeth’s death, he was also still struggling with a terminal illness. Despite these details, the character is seen in a tender way, as he had two shamans at his side taking care of his spiritual side wherever he went.

Back in Washington, Dembe tries to understand how an oversight caused him to burn a good part of his body. He remains engrossed in ideas about the case, thinking that Red would definitely help him with the investigation in an easier way. However, the two are far apart and there is no way to contact his old friend under these circumstances.

Behind these crimes is The Skinner, which, in fact, is a nickname passed down to other people for several generations. But this time, the criminal in question would play a crucial role in maintaining the name’s hegemony. Apparently, Red knew the previous Skinner, and even though he’s sought out by Cooper, there isn’t much chance of getting involved in the story.

However, Cooper manages to convince him and Red accepts to participate in the case just to try to identify the current Skinner. Thus, the protagonist returns to the city, but ends up giving up helping them later, when things get more dangerous. Aram, Ressler and Alina (Laura Sohn), however, reinforce the investigation team.


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