The Blacklist: Actress Megan Boone’s project away from the NBC crime series


Megan Boone shocked the world when she announced she was leaving The Blacklist for good in June 2021. Season 8 killed off Boone’s character Liz Keen in the finale. Season 9 picked up without Boone and fans definitely noted her absence. Boone is a pretty private celebrity, but since she left the main series there is some news about her future in the industry.

When the actress was cast as Liz Keen, she was mostly unknown to the world of television. However, The Blacklist would help propel her to stardom. The series premiered in 2013 and Megan Boone starred alongside James Spader’s Raymond “Red” Reddington in one of the most-watched crime series of recent times.

Fans may have been surprised to see Boone leave The Blacklist, but the cast and crew certainly weren’t. According to multiple sources, the actress gave wide notice about her departure from the show and thus the writers were able to wrap up Liz’s story, meaning it was all premeditated long ago.

Now, Boone will remain part of the Sony Pictures Television Family, the studio that runs NBC’s The Blacklist. The actress launched her own production called Weird Sister and signed a first option contract with the studio. With this new deal, Megan Boone will create new series projects for Sony Pictures Television. This was announced by the president of Sony in a post-exit interview with the actress of the series.

“Megan was instrumental in the success of The Blacklist and we are delighted that she continues to be an integral member of the Sony family.”

It is not yet clear exactly what these projects will be. Boone currently has no new credits listed on her IMDb, but it’s only a matter of time before fans start to see the fruits of her labor with the studio.

For now, the actress can be seen in the Amazon Prime Video series released in 2021: El Ferrocarril Subterráneo or The Underground Railroad (in her original version). The series features familiar faces like Megan Boone (The Blacklist), Lily Rabe (American Horror Story) or the Australian Damon Herriman (Justified, Mr Inbetween). Adapted from the novel by Colson Whitehead, it is a raw and disturbing story that reimagines the titular network of escape routes for slaves during the Civil War; like a royal railway built under the cotton and tobacco plantations. The entire landscape of the United States is tunnels of agony and hope to the north.