The Blacklist 8×22: An Ending For Elizabeth Keen (Promo)


The Blacklist: Season 8 of The Blacklist was extremely revealing to viewers, mostly because of all the puzzles surrounding Liz Keen (played by Megan Boone). With the announcement of the departure of the actress from the production cast, the season finale, which will be shown next week, will serve as a farewell to the character.

To make viewers even more anxious with the emotions that lie ahead, NBC released an unprecedented preview, containing some important scenes for the dramatic construction of this outcome. Entitled “Konets” (Russian word for ending), the 8×22 episode will continue right where “Nachalo” aired this week ended.

Through immersive flashback, which changed all the aesthetic structures of the narrative, the audience learned many details about the past of Katarina Rostova, Elizabeth’s mother. Somehow, Red (James Spader) was involved in all the mysteries of Liz’s life.

It remains to be seen how some of the few questions that remained unanswered will be developed over the course of the season finale. From the images presented, Red and Liz will have a great dramatic moment together.

Check out the full preview:

The Blacklist: Learn more about the series’ 8th season finale

The NBC Mystery Series has now been renewed for a 9th season. However, without the presence of Liz in the production’s cast, it remains to be seen how the narrative will proceed. And, of course, the final episode of Season 8 will provide details on what will happen to the character going forward.

Pervaded by tensions to the surface, “Konets” should also focus on information about Naville Townsend (Reg Rogers) and several other revelations involving the main characters. According to the producers, it will be an episode filled with shocking moments for viewers, in addition to thinking a lot about the future of the series.

What will really happen? So be sure to check it out! The last episode of season 8 of The Blacklist will air on June 23 on NBC.


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