The Blacklist 8×19: Red Wants To Move a “Precious Cargo”


The Blacklist: The 8th season of The Blacklist is getting more and more exciting. After all, in the last episode broadcast, Liz was arrested – which is not surprising, as the season gave several indications that this would be the character’s destiny. However, her arrest means that she and Reddington will have a lot of problems in the near future.

The promo released gave some clues as to what might happen in the next episode.

Check it out below:

The Blacklist: what will happen in episode 8×19?

In episode 8×18, the Task Force finally managed to arrest Liz. According to the synopsis of the new episode, Red enlists the help of a criminal specializing in transporting items through an underground black market. Her goal is to move a “precious cargo”, which can undoubtedly be Liz, as he tries to free her from prison or some object that will help him get in touch with her.

The Blacklist is an NBC police drama that accompanies Raymond Reddington, a former United States Navy officer who has turned into a criminal. Red voluntarily surrenders to the FBI after fleeing for decades, revealing a list of the most dangerous criminals in the world and who is willing to trade around immunity.

Over the past few seasons, Red’s list has revealed several allies and enemies. Currently, only the first 7 seasons of the series are available on Netflix, with new episodes expected to enter the catalog when the season ends in the United States. In addition, NBC has also announced the renewal of the series for its 9th season.

Titled as “Balthazar‘ Bino ’Baker” (who must be the mysterious criminal whom Red is going to ask for help in rescuing Liz), the 8×19 episode of The Blacklist will be broadcast on Friday (28).

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