The Blacklist 8×18: Townsend’s Next Steps (promo)


The Blacklist: With few episodes left for The Blacklist’s season 8 finale, things are getting more and more exciting in the series. In episode 8×17, Townsend used all of his resources – and by resources, we are talking about torture, of course – to find out more about Ivan Stepanov, Red’s “Friend of the East”.

Titled “The Protean”, the 8×18 episode has already had its promo released and the new chapter will follow the repercussions of the “conversation” with Stepanov.

See the preview below!

The Blacklist 8×18: what will happen in the episode?

Ivan Stepanov managed to make Townsend suspicious of Liz. Meanwhile, Priya tried to pass the interrogation location on to Red, very determined to get his friend out of the hands of his greatest enemy.

The “Friend of the East” escaped Townsend’s wrath by planting the seed of doubt about Liz, and now the villain is determined to go after the girl. Her initial plan was to torture her in front of Red, but since that didn’t work out, the chances that he will send one of his henchmen to murder her are great.

With Stepanov in the hands of the task force, Red tried to argue for him to be released. But, as things are always more complicated in The Blacklist, at the end of the last episode broadcast, the Russian had already disappeared – which can also be an interesting plot for the next chapters.

Liz and Red haven’t worked well together in a long time. However, the time for the two to come together because they have a common goal may finally have arrived. Everything will depend on the direction of the next episodes!

The new episode of The Blacklist will be broadcast on Friday (21), by the NBC channel, in the United States. What do you think will happen in episode 8×18 of the series? Leave your comment below and share the promo on social media!


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