The Blacklist 8×16: Red, Liz and the FBI Work Together


The Blacklist: The 8th season of The Blacklist continues on its mission to defeat Townsend and his institution, in addition to discovering the truth about N13. In an episode full of crazy plans and twists that we weren’t expecting, enemies need to work together, even though they don’t agree with each other.

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Elizabeth Keen finally came out of hiding and communicated with the task force again. Now, they are all willing to work with her and Reddington, despite their past. After all, it seems that everyone has the same goal, even if the means used have not always been the same.

In addition to discovering the truth about N13, they also want to end Townsend once and for all. Still, Liz and Red are still sworn enemies, so things may not be as easy as expected.

Red recently discovered that Townsend is doing money laundering with the support of an agency called Kelmund Reality. For him, it is the fault of Nicholas Obenrader. Ressler shares the information with the other members of the task force, while Obenrader fires Becker to avoid any risk.

However, Red knew that, after being captured, Obenrader was not going to reveal any information about Townsend to the FBI. He knows what the risks would be for his family, so Red reveals that he put him on the task force’s radar to “make a new friend”.

While the FBI was looking for Obenrader, Red had his own agenda. He planted a seed to make Townsend suspicious of one of the managers, paving the way for Nicholas to infiltrate the organization. After that, he meets Priya, a criminal, to ask her to join Neville’s company as well.

Lastly, he convinces the task force to pretend that Obenrader is on one of the CIA’s Web sites so that Reddington pretends to have kidnapped Obenrader and the job becomes Priya’s. A complex plan, as we are used to seeing in The Blacklist.

Everything happens according to your plans, but Red’s confidence in himself can always be a problem. As things go according to his plan, he doesn’t realize that the people around him are working on different goals. Liz and the other members of the task force still believe that Reddington is N13 and they want to find out the truth.

They discover that Red was communicating with someone and the address of a Parisian cafe appears for investigation. Upon visiting the site, it is revealed that Reddington was meeting with Ivan Stepanov. However, Townsend reaches him before Liz or anyone else and the result of which we will only see in the next episode.

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